CH60D 3D

Suitable for wooden doors, for flush doors

Concealed installation

3D adjustable: vertical: ±2.5mm, horizontal:-2mm/+3mm, depth:±1mm

Opening angle: 180°

Additional information

Load Capacity



Zinc alloy

Door Thickness




Product Details

Load capacity: 60KG/Pair

Door size:

thickness 36-55mm; Max. door width 900mm; Max. door height 2100mm


Supplied with

  • Hinges per package— 1 pc damping hinge, 2 pcs normal hinges
  • SUS201 mounting screws inØ5x30mm—24pcs
  • Standard inner hexagon spanner,4mm—1pc
  • Standard inner hexagon spanner,3mm—1pc
  • Covers—12pcs



  • Cutter diameter: Ø30mm& Ø28mm
  • Door panel and frame cutting length: 135.5mm&100.5mm
  • Door panel cutting depth: 11mm&64mm
  • Door panel cutting width: 28.5mm
  • Door frame cutting depth: 11mm&29.5mm
  • Door frame cutting width: 30.5mm
  • Screws of SUS201: Ø5mm

For Twin leaves, the additional mounting accessory is to be ordered separately.



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